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This shoot with four of the Edwards kids truly embodied all that I love about photographing siblings. I love learning each of their unique personalities, watching them interact with and love on one another and challenging myself with the task of transposing both their inner and outer beauty with my camera as we talk and laugh with each other.

I had the pleasure of meeting the two oldest girls, Savannah and Maryssa, this summer at camp when they were both in my photography class. And now, to have the opportunity to photograph them and their two younger siblings, I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.

I was completely taken aback by Isabella. She's incredibly sweet and so polite; it's easy to see that she's going to grow up and be a young lady full of beauty and grace. And then there's RJ. Oh, RJ. The kid is cute. And he knows it. The moment he opened his mouth and I saw his missing front teeth, I just fell in love. What an adorable grin.

Savannah's a freshman in high school this year and totally passionate about life, dance, modeling and, of course, her friends. She's also a fantastic big sister to her younger siblings.

I love how thoughtful and caring Maryssa is. She has a quiet maturity about her that I can't quiet explain, but it's something that is truly unique for someone her age. 

Four incredibly beautiful and gifted kids. Each with big personalities and lots of love for one another. I know I've mentioned it before, but Janelle, you and your husband have done an unbelievable job of raising these kids. Taking these photos was such a joy.

Just look at this photo:

How can you not love each and every one of them? Thank you, Janelle, for allowing me to photograph your wonderful children!

I also want to thank Kim for helping us scout out this location and Melissa for allowing us to use Spence Farm - the property is incredible!

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