Joel + Rachel | Spring Hill Maternity Photographer

 There's something amazing - captivating, really - about pregnancy. How a tiny life just transforms into a perfect little baby. The gentle flutter of a heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. The slight kicks as the baby moves around. The ever-present glow a mom has when she's expecting. 

I've been blessed to watch Joel and Rachel as they've embarked on a new stage in life. As they've experienced the excitement and joy that comes with a new baby on the way. Knowing that they're going to be wonderful parents and that their little girl is so incredibly loved.

Rachel, dear friend, you make a beautiful mommy-to-be.  Can't wait to meet baby Lily!


Lauren + Adam | Nashville Engagement Photographer

This was a moment I've been waiting over a year for. From the first day Lauren sat down in the office chair across from mine, twirled around and said, "I met someone." It didn't take long for both Lauren and Adam to realize this was it. Falling head over heels, Lauren has been excitedly awaiting the day they made their engagement official. Patiently waiting, I should add.

Adam wanted his proposal to be something incredible special. So he went back to the very first moment he met Lauren - dancing at Otter Creek Church of Christ. It's a place where they've spent countless hours getting to know each other, dancing the night away. And on this April night, Adam took the microphone, got down on one knee and asked, with over a hundred witnesses watching, if the woman he loved would spend the rest of her life by his side.

Then came the gasp. The tears. And the resounding "YES!"

It was a moment unlike any other and a true blessing to be a part of. To one of my very best friends who deserves the best this world can give and every moment of joy, congratulations. Adam, you've got yourself one amazing woman.


Lauren + Doug | Franklin Couples Photographer

Doug knew Lauren was the one after only dating for about a month.  It's something he kept to himself for a while until she realized it too, but there was no doubt that Lauren's smile and sweet spirit had completely won him over. Lauren and Doug grew up in the same town, but didn't meet until years later when they were both working at the same restaurant in Murfreesboro. One thing led to another and the two of them found themselves heading on a journey to happily ever after.

I absolutely loved the morning I spent with Lauren and Doug shooting their engagement photos. For me, it was a time to really understand what makes them, well, them. To be honored enough to be let into the world of two people in love and to just watch them be is a true blessing. And as for Lauren and Doug, as with all my e-sessions, I really hope it's a time for them to remember why they fell in love with each other and share their anticipation for what the future holds. 

Our day started out in historic Downtown Franklin. A quiet Tuesday morning meant less crowds and an occasional little old lady oohing and aahing over such a cute couple.

We then headed over to one of Lauren and Doug's favorite places, Arrington Vineyards. If you've never been to this magical place, you must go. Wine tastings are always free and their raspberry wine, paired with chocolate truffles, is truly some of the best stuff on earth. These truffles also make for fantastic ring shots.

Lauren and Doug, you two are so adorable together. I can't wait to shoot your wedding in July!


Kendra | Chicago Portrait Photographer

There were four of us. Part of the notorious "'K' Group" in a certain 2nd grade Sunday school class. Kendra, Kim, Kirstin and Krista. With a few honorary members whose names started with other, less k-like, letters of the alphabet. We were the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants from a small Wisconsin town...well, without the pants. Friends who overcame the silent treatment of elementary school and teenage drama to remain in each others' lives, despite the challenges of change and distance.

So when my husband announced he would be heading out of town with some of the guys, I jumped at the opportunity to reconnect. Kendra moved to Chicago a couple of years ago and she just thrives on the fast-paced city life and all that it has to offer. And for a weekend, we slipped back into the comfortableness of our friendship, as if time and distance had never even existed. 

Kendra's always had a strong gift for teaching. She now uses her talent as a Zumba instructor and personal trainer. While in Chicago, I had my first Zumba experience and I can tell you - I now get what all the hype is about.  Maybe it's taking a class from someone who knows exactly what she's doing -  who you can tell loves every second she's in front of a class - or who's so attentive that she knows who needs the extra push to work a little bit harder or who needs the extra help (me!) to get it right. Whatever it is, it's clear to anyone who steps foot into Kendra's often overflowing classes that this girl is so hard not to love and is completely in her element. 

Kendra made the mistake of mentioning that she wanted headshots at some point. That desire turned into a two-day event in Kendra's neighborhood and around Chicago. In my defense, I say that it was not due to my shutter-happy self, but because of the windy city's freezing temperatures. Oh, yes. And wind. How ironic. Regardless, I find the results absolutely stunning, because I find Kendra as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Here's the proof:

Some people are destined to be lifelong friends. It's just a matter of fact. So, Kendra, you're stuck with me, whether you like it or not.


Contessa + Avern | Nashville Couples Photographer

I had only spoken with Contessa over the phone before I met her and her fiancé, Avern, for their engagement shoot, but I could already tell that I was going to love this couple. I wasn't disappointed. They were so much fun. I think it's great when two people not only love each other but can laugh together. And these two do both beautifully. There were several times when I think they forgot I was even there, lost in a moment with each other. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Real.

Contessa and Avern met while going to TSU, so it was only fitting that we stopped there to get some photos and relive some of their dating past. The two of them spent many hours sitting on their favorite bench, getting to know each other and falling in love.

Thanks again for letting me catch some special moments for you two!


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