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This was a moment I've been waiting over a year for. From the first day Lauren sat down in the office chair across from mine, twirled around and said, "I met someone." It didn't take long for both Lauren and Adam to realize this was it. Falling head over heels, Lauren has been excitedly awaiting the day they made their engagement official. Patiently waiting, I should add.

Adam wanted his proposal to be something incredible special. So he went back to the very first moment he met Lauren - dancing at Otter Creek Church of Christ. It's a place where they've spent countless hours getting to know each other, dancing the night away. And on this April night, Adam took the microphone, got down on one knee and asked, with over a hundred witnesses watching, if the woman he loved would spend the rest of her life by his side.

Then came the gasp. The tears. And the resounding "YES!"

It was a moment unlike any other and a true blessing to be a part of. To one of my very best friends who deserves the best this world can give and every moment of joy, congratulations. Adam, you've got yourself one amazing woman.

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