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As clich├ęd as it may seem, I often liken life to a novel. There are many different chapters that make up our lives. Some have an intertwining theme; characters and story lines carry over from one chapter to another. Other chapters must first come to a close before the next one can begin. Adventure after adventure; heartbreak and joy; uncertainties and successes. Each person's life is uniquely designed with the heavy anticipation of what is to come next. 

Nick and Julie's story is one that exudes the faith and love upon which it is built. And here were are, just weeks away from turning the page to reveal the next chapter of their lives. This time, the Author will introduce a new character - one who has a starring role in the Butcher family - Graham Butcher.

In my opinion, Graham couldn't ask for two better parents. Nick and Julie have long awaited for this moment. As their friend, I've clearly seen the joy they've experienced throughout this pregnancy. No two people deserve this gift more than they do. And no one, except for the Creator, could love this baby more. 

As I'm going through these photos, I feel as if I'm curled up on the couch on a rainy day, thumbing through the pages of a romance novel. Not the blush-as-you-glance-at-the-cover-I-don't-dare-pick-it-up kind. But the kind that is based on the ultimate Romance, shared by two lovely people. 

And the next chapter is about to describe one of the greatest adventures one could ever embark on. The idea is truly captivating. 

This story is to be continued...


LC | Franklin Portrait Photographer

Perhaps it's just because I've been thinking about the word "light" a lot lately. After all, the theme for Barefoot Republic Camp this summer is "Soul G.L.O.W. - Go Light Our World". It's been our mantra in the office for several months now. Whatever the reason, I've been contemplating what it truly means to be a light in the world as a believer in Christ. And what better way to get a clearer picture of what it means than to spend some time with someone who truly embodies the definition.

I am blessed to be able to spend three days a week with just such a person. Lauren Carter has the voice of an angel. And a beautiful spirit to match. She never fails to be joyful, even in the middle of a stressful day, and her capacity for patience puts my meager attempts at trying to have any semblance of the virtue to shame.
A lunch together provided a perfect opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot so that I could capture my dear friend (and inspiration) on film. Digitally speaking, of course.

Even a cold, cloudy and rainy day couldn't put a damper on her spirit.




All these things I see in Lauren and hope that perhaps
my "light" is a reflection of hers. Who inspires you to let your "soul glow"?

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