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Tonight, the clock will ring midnight and people across the world will celebrate; some with fireworks, some arm-in-arm with their dearest love and others with a glass of champagne and a party hat. Or all of the above.

And tomorrow begins the annual ritual of resolution-making. I'm not typically a huge fan. After all, why is it that January seems to be the busiest months for gyms and it seems to taper off eventually? There's nothing worse than the feeling that you didn't accomplish your goal. Resolutions as promised determination to accomplish something are awesome. Resolutions for the sake of making them or for tradition, well, not so much. It's why I usually don't make them unless they're something I'm willing to work hard to achieve. Failure = Bad. My perfectionist little self can't stand it.

This year, Jamie and I are taking the leap and putting our New Year's resolution out there for the world to see. Literally. You see, a month ago, Jamie and I were sitting in our office when we realized that if and when we were ever blessed with a baby (no, we're not pregnant), we have no room for him or her. In this large house with only two people living in it, we have no room for a tiny little baby. We have too much stuff. Therefore, we have vowed to take the year, hopefully less, and go through the house, room by room, and get rid of everything we don't use or need. We started on our first room last night. And it feels gooood!

So now that you've heard my New Year's resolution, I want to hear yours. And there's something in it for you....a FREE photo shoot!

The fine print: The winning photo shoot can be redeemed for any type of shoot: couples/engagement, headshots, solo portraits, family, pets, children, maternity, newborn, boudoir, bridal session, etc. Pretty much whatever your glorious heart desires. Wedding photography is not eligible for this contest, but if you win and you are getting married, you can redeem your free photo shoot for a discount on your wedding photography. Photo shoot can take place anywhere in the Nashville surrounding areas. Travel costs are not included if the location you want for your photo shoot is elsewhere. Travel costs are especially negotiable if the location is any place I travel to frequently, i.e. New York City, Michigan, Wisconsin, St. Louis, etc.

So here's how you enter (hint, it's easy):

Leave a comment on this post sharing the one (or many) resolutions you have made for this new year. 

Yep. That's it. I'll accept entries until 11 p.m. CST on Friday, January 14. All the entries will be written on tiny pieces of paper and drawn out of a basket. The lucky winner will get a FREE photo shoot! What's not to love? 

Want additional entries? 

"Like" Kimberly Barnes Photography on Facebook and leave a comment that you did.

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Share this post on your Facebook or Twitter and tag Kimberly Barnes Photography (Facebook) or kimberlywbarnes (Twitter) with the link.

Don't wait until the contest ends. Book your photo shoot now and get an additional entry plus first dibs on dates.

It's really that simple. I can't wait to see what's in store for all of you for the new year!


Merry Christmas! | Nashville Photographer at Opryland Hotel

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, both because it's the season of giving (and cookies and baking and Santa and snow - sometimes - and Christmas trees and decoration and time with family and...) and because of the significance Christmas has in those of us who share a relationship with Jesus Christ. However this year, I feel all out of sorts since we traveled so much in November. I haven't done much baking and our sole Christmas decoration, a tree, - yes, purchased just this week - stands alone in its four feet of greatness. And most of all, I am just now getting my heart in order for Christmas carols and all their meaning, a candlelight service and celebration tomorrow. It's also why it is Christmas Eve and I'm finally getting some festive photos up here.

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville has always been well-known for its contribution to the holiday festivities. A must-see at any time of the year, around Christmas, the four gardens in the hotel are adorned with thousands of sparkling lights, poinsettias and giant decorations hanging from the ceiling. This year is perhaps more poignant that most, considering that Opryland just recently reopened after being heavily renovated after our May 2010 flood. So for those of you who aren't Nashvillians, I bring a little piece of our Christmas to you:

Have a gloriously wonderful Christmas and I'll see you next year!


Baby Rigg | Spring Hill Newborn Photographer

A new baby is always reason enough to be thankful. However, this little bundle of precious joy arrived on Thanksgiving weekend, making his birth just a little more poignant to all those involved. 

Rigg Lee - whose name started out as a humorous suggestion and it just grew on everyone - is so incredibly blessed to have two wonderful parents who love him immensely. His two big brothers have sworn to protect this precious life with everything they have. And at only two weeks old, little Rigg has already captured my heart.

There's nothing more lovely than a father's strong hands holding his child...

...or the love of a mother and father growing steadily every moment - for each other and for each of their children - far more than they ever thought they would have to give...

...or the emotion of a mother's gentle kiss.

I am again and again blessed by the opportunity to share in other people's joys. My life is made richer because of it.  

Congratulations to Jon, Wendy and big brothers Matthew and Mikey!


SHHS Snowball Formal | Columbia Event Photographer

A freshman's first formal dance is practically a rite of passage for a teenager. I was so honored to be asked to shoot a few photos of Savannah and Austin before they headed out to dance the night away at Spring Hill High School's Snowball formal. Here are just a couple of my favorites. You two look great and I hope you had a blast!


Brian + Alisha | Michigan Couples Photographer

There's something truly magical about snow. It makes everything so much more surreal and absolutely a "winter wonderland" - at least during the first couple of snowfalls in my husband's blustery homeland of Michigan. By March, it usually gets a little old, but in December, it holds just the right amount of excitement and glee. During our visit last weekend, we were able to enjoy the second snowfall of the season. And it was lovely. 

Brian has been a huge part of my husband's life for years. Since elementary school, actually, when they were attracting girls with their smooth moves at the talent show and getting into all sorts of trouble because, well, boys will be boys. Yesterday's post featured Brian's girlfriend, Alisha, but we were able to pry his hands from his crossbow and away from the deer the guys insisted were out there in order to get some unbelievable photos of just the two of them. This is definitely one of my favorite couple shoots to date - because of both the couple and because a snow machine just doesn't quite match up to Mother Nature. I hope you enjoy looking at them from inside your comfortable, well-heated home.

 Here's to many more opportunities to photograph the two of you. I can't wait to see what's in store!


Alisha | Michigan Portrait Photographer

If you're a reality t.v. junkie like me, you've probably watched ABC's show True Beauty, where the search is on for someone who is the total package - beautiful both on the outside and the inside. Who knows if they actually ever really discover what they're looking for amongst guided questions, clever edits and all the game-playing that goes on. But those of us who are fortunate enough to cross paths with someone who is undeniably lovely, graceful, caring, would agree that our lives are constantly made brighter by the connection.

Last weekend, Jamie and I traveled to Michigan for a brief trip. While our men were out hunting and freezing in the cold, Alisha and I spent the day together having some girl time. In the several months that I've gotten to know Alisha, my life has been incredibly blessed by her friendship. Even more captivating than her outwardly beauty are her inner strength, loyalty and her unconditional thoughtfulness of others - and her willingness to model for me, even without a jacket on, in below-freezing weather. Here are some of my favorites from the day!


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