Brooklyn | Spring Hill Children's Photographer

"B" came into my life this summer with her parents, Paul and Julie, in tow and I've been waiting such a long time to get her in front of my camera. She never fails to light up the room with her laughter and she's got the greatest hair that sticks up in just the right places to make her utterly adorable. And full of personality.  There's no question that she's going to grow up to be a young woman that knows what she wants and works hard to achieve it.  I also have a feeling that with parents like Paul and Julie, she'll also have a tender heart.

Brooklyn took her first steps just in time for her one-year photos. Such an independent little lady.

We were able to get these photos right before the family moved far, far away to a place I will not name, because if I say it, then it will be true, right? I can't help but be thankful that this family spent a few fleeting moments in my life, long enough to create a lasting friendship. I couldn't have asked for more.

I mean, really. Just look at that face. Is there anything more beautiful? 

Paul and Julie, good luck on your new adventure. We miss you terribly, but we can't wait to see what's in store for you!


Ken | Spring Hill Portrait Photographer

Growing up with an older brother always seemed pretty awesome. He always had the coolest LEGOs and, when he wasn't looking, his G.I. Joes made PERFECT dates for my Barbies. Hunky AND in uniform? Seriously. More importantly are the things one learns from having an older brother. Like the fact that Goonies never say, "die"; time travel is totally achievable, especially if one owns a DeLorean; a Magwai is the cutest pet ever....unless you happen to expose him to light, water or feed him after midnight; and Indiana Jones really did eat monkey brains. Ick. Sensing a theme here?

So here he is, all grown up and adult-like. Web site entrepreneur, writer and knowledgeable of all things technological. World-traveled, care-free and with an incredible sense of humor. And best of big brother. I think that's cause for some new head shots, don't you?


And The Winner Is...... | Contest

Congrats, Tannis! I can't wait for your photo shoot! I've e-mailed you the details.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Be on the lookout today for a special offer just for you - you won't want to miss it!


The Spears Kids | Franklin Family Photographer

Ever meet a teenager and think, wow, your mom did an incredible job raising you. You're an unbelievable kid? It happens to me all the time. A joyous hazard of working with teenagers. It's my hope that my kids are equally as wonderful when they're the same age. My friend Lisa has three great teens. And she's amazing at being their mom.

So in order to thank her, these three schemers and I got together for a top secret photo shoot right before Christmas. They were complete pros and I had a blast spending an afternoon with three of my favorite teens. Their mom was completely surprised. Mission accomplished. Yes, Mr. Bond, I do believe you've met your match.


Micah | Spring Hill Baby Photographer

I've been so looking forward to sharing this story ever since it began. I'm a sucker for adoption stories, in part because I'd love to adopt someday myself, but also because time and time again they're tales of God's faithfulness and fulfillment of His perfect plans. And it doesn't really get any better than that, does it?

Lynn and Chuck began taking the first steps in the adoption process in 2008 and eventually were approved for adopting a 4- to 12-year-old child. After well over a year of paperwork, parenting classes and a number of rejected inquiries, they weren't sure if they would ever bring a child home.

On May 18, they received a call from a friend asking if they would consider a baby. And once again, Lynn and Chuck took a giant step of faith. Micah Danielle was born on June 5, nearly two months early and before all the paperwork could be completed. But when God sets a plan in motion, everything works according to His purpose. Eventually all the necessary logistics were taken care of and this tiny little girl was home with her new parents. Parents who were reminded, once again, that when God thwarts our best-intended plans, it's because He's got something even more unbelievable in store. Like this redheaded, blue-eyed, adorable little baby:

This is a story of Micah's birth mother choosing for the baby growing inside her the chance to live. And of Chuck and Lynn's faithful obedience and their role in changing the course of a tiny baby's life. God has an incredible plan for sweet Micah. What an amazing story for this seriously blessed little girl.


Win FREE Photography | Photography Contest

Too busy celebrating the new year and haven't heard about the chance to win a free photo session? I'm taking entries up until 11 p.m. CST on Friday, January, 14. Click here to go to the original post to find out how to enter. I can't wait to hear about your plans for 2011!

And because a post isn't complete without at least one photo, here's a sneak peek of what's to come later this week on the blog.


The Allen Kids | Spring Hill Family Photographer

You might not believe me, but I'm not always a fan of surprises. Really, I'm not. It's because it's so darn hard to keep my mouth shut. Surprises are so much fun and exciting that I just want to share them with the world. And being patient is so hard. I'm partially glad Christmas is finally over, because now I can finally share these photos with the world.

Back in November, I was scheduled to shoot the Tankersley family for their Christmas photos. You can view that post here. Melissa called me and asked if I'd be interested in taking pictures of the Allen kids the same day as a Christmas surprise for their parents. Um, yeah. Didn't hesitate at all on that one. Christmas day has come and gone and Matt and Kim now have a gorgeous framed picture of their four children hanging on their wall.

Aren't these kids gorgeous?!? And they're so sweet too! They were such a joy to shoot.

SURPRISE, Matt and Kim!


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