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I've been so looking forward to sharing this story ever since it began. I'm a sucker for adoption stories, in part because I'd love to adopt someday myself, but also because time and time again they're tales of God's faithfulness and fulfillment of His perfect plans. And it doesn't really get any better than that, does it?

Lynn and Chuck began taking the first steps in the adoption process in 2008 and eventually were approved for adopting a 4- to 12-year-old child. After well over a year of paperwork, parenting classes and a number of rejected inquiries, they weren't sure if they would ever bring a child home.

On May 18, they received a call from a friend asking if they would consider a baby. And once again, Lynn and Chuck took a giant step of faith. Micah Danielle was born on June 5, nearly two months early and before all the paperwork could be completed. But when God sets a plan in motion, everything works according to His purpose. Eventually all the necessary logistics were taken care of and this tiny little girl was home with her new parents. Parents who were reminded, once again, that when God thwarts our best-intended plans, it's because He's got something even more unbelievable in store. Like this redheaded, blue-eyed, adorable little baby:

This is a story of Micah's birth mother choosing for the baby growing inside her the chance to live. And of Chuck and Lynn's faithful obedience and their role in changing the course of a tiny baby's life. God has an incredible plan for sweet Micah. What an amazing story for this seriously blessed little girl.

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