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You might not believe me, but I'm not always a fan of surprises. Really, I'm not. It's because it's so darn hard to keep my mouth shut. Surprises are so much fun and exciting that I just want to share them with the world. And being patient is so hard. I'm partially glad Christmas is finally over, because now I can finally share these photos with the world.

Back in November, I was scheduled to shoot the Tankersley family for their Christmas photos. You can view that post here. Melissa called me and asked if I'd be interested in taking pictures of the Allen kids the same day as a Christmas surprise for their parents. Um, yeah. Didn't hesitate at all on that one. Christmas day has come and gone and Matt and Kim now have a gorgeous framed picture of their four children hanging on their wall.

Aren't these kids gorgeous?!? And they're so sweet too! They were such a joy to shoot.

SURPRISE, Matt and Kim!

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