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Growing up with an older brother always seemed pretty awesome. He always had the coolest LEGOs and, when he wasn't looking, his G.I. Joes made PERFECT dates for my Barbies. Hunky AND in uniform? Seriously. More importantly are the things one learns from having an older brother. Like the fact that Goonies never say, "die"; time travel is totally achievable, especially if one owns a DeLorean; a Magwai is the cutest pet ever....unless you happen to expose him to light, water or feed him after midnight; and Indiana Jones really did eat monkey brains. Ick. Sensing a theme here?

So here he is, all grown up and adult-like. Web site entrepreneur, writer and knowledgeable of all things technological. World-traveled, care-free and with an incredible sense of humor. And best of big brother. I think that's cause for some new head shots, don't you?

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