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I've been playing around with a little macro photography lately and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I just thought you should know.


Photo Day | Franklin Portrait Photographer

When I look back on my life and think about the women who were the biggest influences in my life, my mind instantly goes to my junior high and high school years - the most pivotal time, in my opinion, in someone's life. These are the women who poured into my life, week after week, year after year and really played a huge role in creating the person I am today. It is because of this that I love working with youth, because I'd like to be that person for someone else that these women were for me.

I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with two of the girls from our youth group. Alyona and Amilia share my love for photography, so I thought I'd take them out for a fun photo day to practice being behind the camera. Alyona is wise beyond her years with the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone at all, intentionally seeking out those who others may not see. Amilia has one of the biggest hearts I know of. Did you know that she's putting together an online magazine to help girls who struggle with self-esteem? These girls are so strikingly beautiful, inside and out, which is emphasized by their quiet humility. Whoever said that youth can only make a difference when they're older was sorely mistaken. Because these girls are leading and impacting those around them right now. I love every moment I spend with them, so I thought I'd share some of those moments with you.


The Douscinskis | Nashville Wedding Photographer at Cheekwood

When people ask me how Nichole and I know each other, I smile and tell them that we went to high school together. And then I get to watch a confused look come over their face as they try to figure it out. See, Nichole and I did go to high school together. In Wisconsin. And now we both live in Nashville. There are at least four of us that I know of who have migrated to the Nashvegas area and there's talk of the possibility of more to come. And why wouldn't we? Nashville's warm. Okay, so it's downright hot, but I'll take it over the negative-degree weather that consumes our hometown. 

I was so psyched to hear that Nichole and her now-husband Pete wanted a Nashville wedding because I just knew that Nichole would have nothing less than an elegant affair. And I was right. Their ceremony took place at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and we had it all to ourselves. Even better, Cheekwood has a Chihuly exhibit at the moment and it made for a stunning scene.

The reception was located at Aerial, a private rooftop lounge perfect for just this occasion. Yes, I said rooftop. It's in downtown Nashville, on Broadway, at sunset and completely glorious.

Nichole and Pete took dancing lessons for their big day and treated us all to an incredible tango. And I got to practice my camera skills in low light. I mean, who really wants to carry around a flash and a tripod as a wedding guest? Not me. Thank you for tables.

The details: beautiful flowers, candles, candy bar, wedding cake....oh, and what do you get when you combine their last names of Moscinski and Douché? Well, their signature drink, of course: The Douscinski.

And if that wasn't enough, Pete and Nichole personally commissioned the City of Nashville to set off fireworks during their reception. Okay, so maybe that's a lie. But the fact that Nashville set off a few fireworks on the 3rd of July in preparation for the next day's events made for a fantastic surprise.

Congrats, Pete and Nichole!


The Cooks | Spring Hill Wedding Photographer

I. Love. Weddings. It's just a fact. I can't really think of much else that I enjoy more than watching two people pledge their love and lives to one another in front of their closest family and friends. Even better when Jamie and I attend a wedding together and we're reminded of our own vows we made a little over four years ago. Summer is definitely the season for weddings and I recently had the honor of attending two incredible ones. I couldn't help but take a few photos to capture the beauty of each day. I'll put these in two blog posts so I can feel super productive by posting twice in one day.

Melissa and Sully got married on one of my favorite weekends of the year. Why? Because it's the same weekend Jamie and I celebrate our anniversary. So matched with a solid foundation in Christ and the amount of love and respect they share for one another, the Cooks have a great start to their marriage. Each detail was simple, yet elegant and really showed off the couple's personality. I just can't get over the chalkboard menu and classic bicycle. Congrats, Sully and Melissa!


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