Layla | Spring Hill Newborn Photographer

At nine days old, little Layla was a complete joy to photograph. I felt like I could just sit and watch her for hours. I mean, really. Who wouldn't want to stare into those big blue eyes all day long? And every little tiny feature, perfectly designed and can't help but realize what a complete miracle a baby truly is.

Lexi's a first-time mommy and she's doing so well at it. Even before Layla was born, Lexi was busy getting her nursery painted and put together. Everything is so bright and colorful - perfect for a little girl who is so well loved. Oh, and Lexi looks AMAZING for having just had a baby.

I just love this little face.

It's easy to see how Layla has claimed the hearts of everyone she meets. She certainly has mine.


Today | Personal

Today is a special day for me. Because every year on this day, I get to celebrate the life of a woman who's taught me to be strong, independent and caring. She's showed me how to serve others unconditionally and what it looks like to live out your marriage vows, faithfully and completely. She's been more than I could ever ask for and all that I could ever hope to be.

Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!


Andy + Kayla Sneak Peek | Nashville Engagement Photographer

Proposals in general are awesome. Public surprise proposals are event better. Public surprise proposals in front of 15 or so photographers are the best. thing. ever. This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the "Not a Workshop" Workshop put together by fellow Nashville photographer Joshua Gull. I probably won't get through all the images until after I get back from Chicago, but I wanted to post a sneak peek for Andy and Kayla. Andy planned to propose to his girlfriend (now fiancée), Kayla, while they were posing for the cameras. Not only did she say yes (yay!), but it was probably one of the most photographed proposals in history. I love it. Congrats, you two!


Nolen | Spring Hill Newborn Photographer

My world has seemed full of pregnant bellies and newborns lately. I've decided I like it that way. Newborns, especially, are some of my favorite people to photograph. What better way to spend an afternoon than gazing into the eyes of a tiny baby, delighting in the newness of it all? Match that with some ridiculous natural light and you get something completely awe-inspiring. 

Sweet Nolen is the third little baby for friend and fellow photographer Jamie Wright. She and I spent a couple of afternoons together having Nolen model in front of the camera. Better get used to it, bud. That's what you get for having a mom who's a photographer. 

Don't you just love this face?!

Even big brother Carter and big sister Lila joined in on the action. They are so excited to have a little brother around and it really shows. I just can't get over how gentle they are with Nolen.

These really are precious moments and I love being able to be a part of it all. Congratulations Jamie, Dayne, Carter and Lila!


RMHC Nashville | Nashville Event Photographer at The Palm

I've been trying to catch up on my blogging lately, amidst deadlines and traveling, so you may see more than one post today before I leave for my Chicago trip.

Back in January, I had the honor of being asked to participate in the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville's Extraordinary Evening at The Palm fundraiser. I was so excited because not only is there a special place in my heart for non-profit organizations in general, but because I've seen first-hand how RMHC provides for families in need. How often do we hear of children getting medical treatment far from their homes because parents want to give their children the best modern medicine possible? Sometimes as far as across the entire country. And RMHC gives families a gift greater than almost anything else - togetherness. So that together they can face the illness instead of worrying about finding a place to stay or preparing family meals.

So for an evening, patrons of RMHC Nashville came together to celebrate the organization's hard work and financially show their support. The folks at The Palm did an incredible job with the catering and service, with Kristine Mylls and her jazz combo providing the music. 

Thanks so much for the opportunity to give back. Here are just a few of my favorites from the night:


Leslie | Franklin Portrait Photographer

This winter in Nashville has been inconveniently uncooperative. I've missed basking in the sunshine and being free of wearing layers upon layers to stay warm. Says the girl from Wisconsin. That's why at the first hint of a nice day in February, I convinced my friend Leslie to get outside with me for some headshots. And we weren't disappointed. 

Some of the things I love about Leslie are her absolute joy and fun-loving personality. I think we were able to get a glimpse of that in these photos, which is probably why I like them so much.

A beautiful day + a gorgeous friend + her fantastic wardrobe = well...just see for yourself:

This set below were definitely some of my favorites.

Her eyes. I just can't get over how incredible they are.

Now the only question is, which one should she use for her album cover??

Thanks again, Leslie, for the fabulous time!


Laura Joy | Franklin Portrait Photography

There are just some people you meet and you instantly know that your life will never be the same. Laura Joy and I met at the airport before we embarked on one of the greatest adventures of our lives. Almost six years ago now (and I can't believe it's been that long ago already), she and I traveled with a number of other Belmont students to Spain for six months. In the 8-hour plane ride to Madrid, Laura Joy and I discovered just how much we had in common, right down to the annoyingly unique bumps on our noses. 

So for six weeks, we traveled together, discovered new foods together, stepped back into history together, shopped together, cried together - even lived in the same flat together. With our awesome host mother - a cute little old lady with pink hair. Seriously. Upon returning to the States, we decided that we didn't want to lose the friendship we'd made.

Here she is, one of my dearest friends:

Laura Joy is a fabulous teacher, fiercely dedicated to her students. She's also a model (uh, can you tell?) and owns her own business, Building Perceptions, that offers things like media production, Web design and computer repair (PC-only, which makes Mac people like myself very, very sad)

So going along with her passion for videography and modeling, it's no surprise that LJ has a closet full of costumes. The gloves in the photos above got her a gig in Lady Antebellum's music video for "Lookin' for a Good Time". (Front and center in the crowd). And the 60's dress in the photos below? Owned, worn and preserved by Joy Palma, LJ's equally-as-beautiful mother. My mom got rid of anything this cool, including those knee-high boots that she would never have let me leave the house wearing.


I should mention that the butterfly ring LJ's wearing in the photo above is one of the many souvenirs we brought back with us from our trip to Spain. The trip was one giant adventure, but this little baby had us speaking with the Spanish police. It's a long story, but let's just say that we were incredibly thankful for a sweet shop lady who befriended us and bridged the language gap.

I'm thankful for this friendship. I just have to think....where would we be if we hadn't sat next to each other on that flight to Spain?


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