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A new baby is always reason enough to be thankful. However, this little bundle of precious joy arrived on Thanksgiving weekend, making his birth just a little more poignant to all those involved. 

Rigg Lee - whose name started out as a humorous suggestion and it just grew on everyone - is so incredibly blessed to have two wonderful parents who love him immensely. His two big brothers have sworn to protect this precious life with everything they have. And at only two weeks old, little Rigg has already captured my heart.

There's nothing more lovely than a father's strong hands holding his child...

...or the love of a mother and father growing steadily every moment - for each other and for each of their children - far more than they ever thought they would have to give...

...or the emotion of a mother's gentle kiss.

I am again and again blessed by the opportunity to share in other people's joys. My life is made richer because of it.  

Congratulations to Jon, Wendy and big brothers Matthew and Mikey!

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