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Marcy and I were destined to be friends. Really, we were. In fact, the other day I told her that if it wasn't for a last minute decision to attend a birthday party in hopes of reconnecting with friends from college, my life would have significantly less weekly phone calls, less accountability and, most importantly, less photos from the photo booth at Chuck E. Cheese hanging on the wall. And I'm not kidding about that last one.

This is the kind of friendship that stories are written about. I've been completely blessed to have Marcy in my life and even more so to have been able to walk with her as she and her husband Nathan embarked on a journey neither of them quite expected. And a little over two years after they pledged their lives to one another, I was finally able to spend a weekend with them in St. Charles, Missouri, and see the life they've made together.

Downtown St. Charles on an early Sunday morning is gloriously deserted. With the exception of a few coffee shop patrons, we had the historic downtown to ourselves. Because it was so early, some caffeine was certainly a requirement to start the day.

Mayme and Shadey are a big part of the Bursac household, so a family photo wouldn't be a family photo without them. It's too bad that they didn't fit in my bag, otherwise I would have taken them home with me. I've missed my Shadey-girl and Mayme completely stole my heart on this trip.

Downtown St. Charles runs right along the Missouri River and the morning light was beautiful. One of the things I love about Marcy and Nathan is their ability to communicate with each other. It's apparent to anyone who spends time with them.

While we were shooting, we  - Nathan, really - made a delightful discovery. A bridesmaid must have left her bouquet from a wedding the day before, and we were happy to put it to good use.

The morning was quite chilly, but there was one last stop Nathan wanted to make. And I'm so glad we did, because these are some of my favorite photos of the day.

I absolutely love these photos. Marcy and Nathan are a beautiful couple and wonderful friends. There's no question why they work so well together. They balance each other out perfectly, challenging each other to succeed and to be present in their marriage. And I'm so thankful to be a part of their lives.

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