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Last minute surprises are fun. Especially when it means spending an unexpected afternoon playing in the leaves and seeing the prettiest princess pumpkin ever. On a whim, Jodie gave me a call about doing a mini-session with her family for their Christmas photos. And I was so glad we were able to get together to do it, because I thoroughly the time we spent together.

Being with little kids always reminds me to breathe. No, seriously. It's a gentle reminder to step back, take a moment and look at life from a completely different perspective....and actually enjoy it. When you're a kid, it's not about schedules and what's coming next or any of the "more important things" us adults worry about. It's about the truly important things, like squeezing - I mean, hugging -  the family cat. And showing off your prettily painted room and awesome artwork. Or playing "where's Katlin?" over and over again because it truly is the best game ever. It's a reminder to enjoy every single precious moment. I love being reminded.

Thanks again for a lovely afternoon, Jodie, John and Katlin. I can't wait to see your Christmas cards!

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