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A moment to rest, to breathe; a respite amidst a long journey. That's exactly what our day at the bottom of the canyon felt like. While those in campsites around us were packing up to head back up at first light, the nine of us set out for an early morning breakfast at Phantom Ranch. And after stuffing ourselves with wonderful, non-dehydrated food, we decided on a light, early morning day hike on the canyon's River Trail, just short enough to beat the heat that was sure to arrive later in the day. It's amazing how different the Colorado River looks when you're not completely exhausted, leaning heavily on your trekking poles and fearful that your legs will give out at any moment. 

The rest of the day was spent in pure relaxation, exploring our surroundings and simply enjoying its beauty. It had a certain surreal-ness to it. The deer, so used to sharing their home with adventurers like us, ambled right into our campsite and the creek offered a welcomed escape from the overbearing heat. And no, if you're wondering, the temperature gauges are not wrong. There's no question why we spent much of our time playing in the creek. It's also the reason why we spent the night sleeping in wet clothes, the only way to keep cool. A true adventure, if you ask me.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be back, even if only for a moment...

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