Garden of Glass | Nashville Photographer at Cheekwood

My friend Leah is the coolest. Reason #2947 why I love being her friend is because she's a member at Cheekwood, Nashville's botanical gardens. They've had a Chihuly exhibit since May that I've been dying to go to, but haven't had a chance to due to my crazy schedule. So when Leah mentioned going (the girl has been there about a dozen times already to see the exhibit), I jumped at the chance. Especially since her membership allows her to bring in a guest for free. That's me!

I did have to warn her ahead of time...I've been known to spend hours at Cheekwood just photographing all the flowers. Add in stunning glass art and I knew that we'd be there for a while. But it's completely worth it. The art is incredible and I just wish I could do it more justice photographically. I also heard that the art is spectacular at night when it's all lit up. If you haven't had a chance to go see the exhibit, definitely take some time to do so. It will be there until the end of October.

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