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I still remember the exact moment she told me. On a brief visit to Wisconsin last March, my friend Krista and I got together one last time before it was time for me to leave. We were having breakfast at a local restaurant, catching up about our lives and our marriages. And then I asked. 

It was a completely legitimate question. Several of us got married in the same year and since the first couple had a baby that past December, an unofficial poll was being taken amongst our friends to see who was next. And to my surprise, I discovered that for Krista and Jared, it was no longer a question of "when". I think I shrieked. Just a little. But I couldn't help myself.

For as long as I can remember, being a mother is something Krista has always dreamed about. In the second grade, we would play barbies together in her family's basement, weaving together stories about the adventures of Barbie and Ken, while talking about how much our own children would have fun playing with these same dolls someday. In junior high, we discovered boys. We'd spend every sleepover dreaming about being Mr. and Mrs. Crush-of-the-moment, imagining what lives we would lead and the number of children we would have.

And now, Krista has the life she's always dreamt of having and the one she's always been meant to lead, with a loving husband and the start of a beautiful family. There is no higher calling.

While I was in town doing Krista and Jared's photoshoot, my mom and I had "the girls" over to our place; two generations in one room, laughing and sharing with one another. And seeing the beginnings of a third generation. It was absolutely beautiful. 

I am so thrilled for Krista and Jared. They are going to make incredible parents. So here's to the next generation, Alexandria Paige Wallen. I can't wait to meet you.

* Baby Lexy was welcomed into the world two days after this photo shoot, six weeks early. She is healthy, but at the moment, she is still in the hospital. It would mean so much to me if you would keep Krista, Jared and little Lexy in your prayers so that they can bring her home soon. Thank you!

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