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I find it interesting how time and time again love seems to weave its way into people's lives when they least expect it. How incredible it is when one stops searching for love - not from the disappointment that comes in believing that love may be only for everyone else, but through the understanding and reliance that there is One whose timing is perfect - is when it finally appears. 

Enter Lauren and Adam; two people whose paths crossed less than a year ago. At the time, they were both content to be patient and trust that there was plan for their lives far greater than they ever imagined. And since meeting each other, their lives have never been the same.

It is completely evident to anyone who spends even a moment with these two that what they share is something truly special and unique; the constant smiles, genuine laughter and radiating joy. And pure contentment. Content in being exactly who they are, where they are and making the most of every moment they have together.

All based on a strong foundation of faith in the One who brought them together. Putting God first in their lives, as individuals as well as a couple, and then thinking of each other before themselves. It seems to be a simple recipe for a solid relationship, but often the most difficult elements to achieve. But for Lauren and Adam, it's just who they are.

Brought together by God's perfect timing. And I'm so looking forward to seeing what's ahead for these two. (No pressure!)

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