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I love any excuse to capture sweet moments between couples with my camera. For Leslie and Mike, the reason was simple. Just because. And I can't think of a lovelier reason. 

Leslie and I talked a lot about the difference between couple photos and engagement photos. Although Leslie and Mike are not engaged (yet - I'm just sayin'), why should that stop them from having a fantastic photo session? Engagement photos, though I absolutely love taking them, tell a different story. They're about a couple beginning a journey of a lifetime together. Couple photos, on the other hand, are most often about the here and now and can really happen at any point in a couple's relationship. They're more like a celebration of the seemingly everyday moments that many of us take for granted. At least, that's how I like to look at it.

So I give you Leslie and Mike. A sweet couple who is hopeful for the future, but yet doesn't let a single opportunity to enjoy today pass them by. And who, with much laughter and silliness, let this photographer into the realness of their lives. This is completely and totally why I love what I do. 

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