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Scott and Katie are the kind of friends that people only dream about having if they don't already have a set of Scott and Katies in their lives. They're a fun-loving couple who are so totally open and honest about their marriage and their family, completely unapologetic about asking you those tough questions that no one else ever seem to have the guts to ask and forever passionate about loving you right where you are in the mess that you're in. Jamie and I have spent many hours around the fire pit in Scott and Katie's backyard learning from and getting loved on by them and the other couples in our weekly Bible study.

So when I heard they were looking to get their family portraits done, I had to stop myself from asking how much
I had to pay them to get the job.

The Hancocks became a family of four about four months ago and I have to say a slew of prayers every time I look at baby Jacob just so I don't catch "baby fever". Is it just me, or can you just not get enough of this face?

And that smile...

From the moment she was born, Anna was ready to show the world that she was a unique individual full of spunk. She doesn't give her smiles away to just anyone, so she always makes me so excited when I'm honored enough get one. That, and she shares my penchant for routine and order, so I can't help but just have a special place in my heart for this child.

This family loves fiercely...

...and laughs often.

And they're willing to share their lives with me, not just for a brief photo shoot one afternoon, but day after day, week after week. Including Scott's now famous "recipe" of making s'mores with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Hancock....let me just say that you have a stunning family.....and make equally fabulous friends.

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